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Updated 16 September 2017.


 We are closing down after 10 years of trading. We have achieved what we wanted to do, and are now moving on to new challenges!

ALL PRINTS (see also Audubon) on this website are now being offered at a startling 70% REDUCTION!! i

Audubon Leipzig Edition - These prints will now be offered at $150 each, irrespective of listed price



Shop 2012

Over 3000 original antique bird prints, plus many antique botany, fish and butterfly prints, can be purchased in our shop and Gallery in Klinta on the island of Öland in Sweden. Please feel free to visit us.

All prices on these pages are in US Dollars. Prices in the shop in Sweden are of course in Swedish Crowns. You now also have the opportunity to pay through PayPal (our preferred method of payment.) See "How to Order" for details.

Worth remembering: Any one of the prints on these pages will look stunning when matted and professionally framed.











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