Olof Rudbeck d.y. 1st Edition

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Olof Rudbeck d.y. 1660-1740 - 1st Edition

Watercolours of Olof Rudbeck the Younger, as presented in precise fascimile in the René Cockelbergh Limited Edition Portfolio 1986.

Rudbeck's wonderful watercolours are presented here, for the first time, (they were never published earlier), in full scale (life-size) large elephant-folio. These prints are from the original numbered Swedish 1st edition. Only 1499 portfolios were issued. The prints offered here are from 1st edition portfolio, numbers 319, 693, 938, 939 & 1164.

 The botanist Carl Linnaeus(1707–1778), a student of Rudbeck, named a genus of flowers Rudbeckia in honour of him and his father. 

Any imperfections, spotting, creasing etc., are all features of the original paintings and are not a result of shoddy printing, or storing practices.

These prints are very much sought after, and we are fortunate to have acquired a large number, which we now offer to our discerning customers.

Size: These prints range from large to extra-large. See individual prints for dimensions. A number of the prints have been printed folded. This will not detract from the attractiveness of the prints when framed.

Buyer beware! Some unscrupulous vendors are offering 2nd Edition prints as being 1st Edition. All 1st Edition prints have the year "1986" printed on the reverse. 2nd Edition prints are without a year printed on the reverse. We clearly mark our 2nd Edition prints as 2nd Edition. Always ask for a Certificate of Authenticity. 2nd Edition prints do not have such a certificate. The certificate is in Swedish and clearly displays the 1st Edition Portfolio number.


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